Duality & Beyond

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
-Joseph Campbell

Dominique & Tracy are the collaborative team that make up Duality and Beyond; two Aquarian women coming together to assist one another in manifesting their dreams. Using our common intention to inspire others to live at their highest life potential, we also have the possibility of doing the same for ourselves. By combining our unique skills and different approaches we hope to bring an unconventional tool for self awareness to the mainstream in a hip and entertaining way.

Owner, CEO & Astrologer Dominique Jaramillo
After many years of metaphysical and spiritual study throughout my own life, Astrology was the tool that truly helped me understand myself the most and gave me personal awareness that I could use in my everyday life. As I studied it more deeply and recognized its benefits, as an Aquarius, I had to teach it to others and so began doing consultations. And now that I have become a mother I feel the astrological insight I have into my son is priceless information to assist me in supporting and nurturing this little being into becoming the best he can be. So naturally I wanted to create a way to teach and give other parents the same advantage. Every parent knows that raising a child can be the most challenging, yet the most rewarding job they will ever have. How helpful would it be to have an awareness of what to expect before they can communicate themselves? Or what they emotionally need to feel safe and confident in this crazy world? And knowing your own inner workings can assist you in supporting your unique child without always feeling like a failure or that you are “doing it wrong”. There is no manual for life or parenting but there are many ways to learn to be the best we can be. My mission is to teach and show the value of Astrology through my teaching consultations and unique products. So I have combined all of my passions and created Duality and Beyond. Duality and Beyond is an eco-conscious, sustainable product company that uses the colors and elements of nature to express the energy of Astrology that is within all of us from birth. The symbol of the tree is the most wonderful correlation between the complexities of us as human beings and the mysteries of nature. This is my unique self expression and I hope you will allow my services and products to assist you in developing yours and your child’s!

Partner & CFO Tracy Antani
A longtime friend of Dominique, Tracy attended New York University and graduated in 1999. After several years of executive assisting as well as working as a bookkeeper for two prominent restaurants in New York City Tracy found herself in Los Angeles and then began the process of opening her own company called Imagine it Done. In 2012 Imagine it Done is a thriving small business with clients of all different backgrounds and businesses. Tracy’s company assists clients with anything from personal organization needs to complex bookkeeping. Tracy is part personal assistant, part accountant, part organizer…each of these services wrapped into one company, one person. After Dominique began to grow her own company Duality and Beyond it became clear to these two close friends that they could naturally help one another in their personal journeys and career paths. They quickly became partners and have worked together on everything from D&B products to unique and creative parties.

Duality and Beyond consists of two very strong women who have a lot in common but also have very different skills. Both Dominique and Tracy find astrology to be enlightening and rewarding and they love working together. While the creator of Duality and Beyond continues to absorb the art of astrology and the process of teaching and sharing that knowledge, the creator of Imagine it Done maintains the “business” of it all and makes sure both companies stay organized and financially sound. Together they bring you all aspects of Duality and Beyond.