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A reading with Dominique is the best gift you could give yourself or someone else. - Wendy Braun

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"All About Me" -Full Chart Reading
Our Price: $125.00

The Natal Chart is the blueprint for your life based on the moment of birth. Clarifying and understanding your unique approach to life and the nature of your inner workings from this perspective will provide validation, freedom, peace and power as well as real tools to use every day to create your best life. In our consultation, I will give you a crash course in Astrology using your chart so you can continue to use it as a guide for navigating all areas of life. From love, to work, partnerships to parenting..success begins with YOU! So let me show you how you can turn fears into friends for empowerment to live consciously from the Inside Out!
"What's Happening?" -Transit Reading
Our Price: $100.00

What is the current Astrological weather and how is it supporting you or challenging you now and looking forward?! Learning about the planetary cycles and when they are affecting you specifically can assist you in using these sparks of added energy to improve your life or avoid potential difficulty.
"Birthday" - Solar Return Reading
Our Price: $100.00

This chart is the birth chart of a new year in your life. It’s the story of your year ahead. It can predict possible events and reveal the areas in which changes and growth will occur. This insight will give you the insight and tools to navigate your year with confidence and purpose. This reading will best serve you if you have done a natal reading first or already have a general understanding of your Natal Chart.
"It Takes Two" - Synastry Reading
Our Price: $175.00

This is a way of looking at compatibility between two people. The best way to do accurate synastry is to concentrate on the natal chart for each person and first determine each person’s level of awareness. This is a tool to give couples a better understanding of the differences and similarities in each others’ natures, so that they can accept and understand one another. It’s best to have done a natal reading for each person prior to a synastry reading.